is a New England women’s cooperative founded in 1995

In 1994, on one of their many trips to Bulgaria, Martha Forsyth and Pat Iverson learned a technique of crocheting with beads to produce bracelets and necklaces similar to those shown here. The bracelets seem snug as you RO-O-O-LL them over your hand, but then they sit smoothly on your arm — “Look, Ma, no clasp!” In 1995 we formed a small collective called Beads Without End, and were soon joined by Kathryn Black.

The work is exacting: hundreds of tiny glass ‘seed’ beads are strung one-by-one on strong synthetic thread and crocheted into a flexible fabric tube, leaving a bead in every stitch. The ends are then sewn together in an invisible seam. A skilled maker may spend five or six happy hours creating a single bracelet!

Since we began experimenting with this technique, we have each made literally thousands of bracelets, necklaces and earrings. But somehow the ideas keep crowding upon us, and there are always more bracelets (and necklaces) that just have to be made...beads without end....

“Sensuously supple rivers of seed beads crocheted into an endless spiral.... Bracelets that roll on, without the need of a partner to fasten them for you, and then stay comfortably in place instead of flopping around on your arm or hurting when you twist.... Endlessly changing patterns in luscious colors, always something new.... ”

The New England Folk Almanac, Vol. 7, No. 3, December 1997


On the arms of friends, family, and happy customers throughout North America and abroad!

Opportunities to buy them yourself:
Because of Covid-19, our regular events have not been happening.
BUT there is hope!

Come to Somerville Open Studios
at 14 Gussie Terrace, Somerville, MA, May 1-2, 2021,
Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6pm

Weather permitting, we will be set up under a canopy in the driveway on both Saturday and Sunday.

In addition, we will have a virtual booth at Booth Central, accessible from the
Somerville Open Studios website - look for Beads Without End, or any of our names.

Watch for information about Acton Open Studios
at 237 Central Street, Acton, MA, usually the 3rd weekend in October, from noon to 5pm

If you can't come to any of these events,
Contact us for a PERSONAL SHOWING,
or about having a “HOUSE PARTY”
(in New England, or — make us a good offer!):
Martha, Pat & Kathryn

Annual Events
Sometimes we forget to update this page, but you can always check:

New England Folk Festival in April (in the Craft Hall)
Sadly, the New England Folk Festival was cancelled in 2020,
and was a "virtual" event in 2021, because of Covid-19
See you in 2022 (at a new location).

Somerville Open Studios (Somerville, MA) in May
(May 1-3, 2020), assuming it will go on as planned. Stay tuned as news develops.
Watch this space for possible cancellation.

Acton Open Studios (Acton, MA) in October

with advance notice, we can bring our work to the
monthly Saturday night dance parties of our Bulgarian band, ZDRAVETS
(once they start happening again!)

Beads Without End